Womens Sun Hats For Sensitive Skin 

Protect Your Skin

It is very important to protect the skin on your head, neck and face from the harmful effects of the sun. This is true for everybody but especially so if you have sensitive or allergic skin or if you have ever had skin cancer on the face, neck or scalp.

One great way of protecting yourself is to wear a sun hat. These days you can buy sun hats in all manner of shapes,sizes, colours and styles to suit just about everyone. 

I feel to gain the most benefit from a hat it needs to be as wide brimmed as possible which essentially gives you more shade. 

There are also sun hats that are available with an spf factor built in -usually called UPF in hats- which are especially good at protection and vital if you are going to be in heat or strong sunlight with high UV rays.  


Ladies wide brimmed sun hats. 

These are beautiful, stylish and serviceable sun hats that will keep your skin cooler and more protected from the suns rays. You could wear these for every day or many of them as a stylish accessory when going to an event or celebration.  These do not have any inbuilt sun protection factor.    

The Sun Hats below are Available from Amazon.com  

Ladies wide brimmed sun hats with sun protection factor. 

Do check each individual hat for its sun protection value. I do feel that these harts are valuable especially if you have sensitive skin to to suns rays or if you are travelling or living anywhere hot and sunny where high UV rays are expected.  Many are also crushable and packable which makes for easy packing if you are on vacation or just want to pop the hat into your bag when inside. 

Ladies wide brimmed sun hats with sun protection factor. 

They do have sun protection factor built in to the hat. Please check each one individually for details. The words you need to look for are sun protection factor, UPF, UV protection.   

 The Sun Hats below are Available from Amazon.co.uk  

  Ladies wide brimmed sun hats.

This selection generally do not have sun protection factor built in to the hat. They do however provide shade and cooler conditions. 

The sun hats below are available from Amazon.co.uk