Washing Clothes For Sensitive Or Allergic Skin 

Avoid The Allergen...

Clearly  once you know what you are allergic to the trick is to avoid it! However it is not always that easy. When it came to washing clothes I trawled through so many brands of washing powders and liquids yet I could not find one that I can use. We obviously need to wash our clothes so what could we do? 

One alternative was to go back to our grandmothers day and wash in pure soap flakes. So I bought some and they work really well ! However you cannot use these in the washing machine or you have foam everywhere!So I use these for all our delicates and small things but I simply am not prepared to hand wash everything! 

So I started to search for what I can use in the washing machine and we found eco wash balls... There are quite a few varieties but they have similar things in common being- you can use them in the washing machine, they last  a long time so are economical, there is nothing in them I am allergic to and they are better for the environment. 

They were certainly worth a try! 

What Are Eco Wash Balls Like?

In my experience they work very well on normal loads of washing. Clothes and sheets are clean and fresh.

 Clearly as I avoid all fragrance products I choose the ones with no scent so our clothes no longer come out the washing machine smelling of the washing powder scent, essentially they just smell-well -clean.

However I have noticed that they are not quite as good as getting rid of major dirt. I now find that if there is gardening dirt or oil etc on clothes it is best to soak them first in soap flakes prior to washing.

However that is the only downside! 

We no longer have to lug home heavy liquid or powder washing products, it is certainly more economical, saves a LOT of space, are so much better for our environment than pouring detergent down the drain and when we need another its just a case of a few clicks  of the mouse!   

Even if I didn't have a skin allergy condition I would now use these type of eco wash balls.  

Eco Wash Balls available From Amazon.com 

Eco Wash Balls available From Amazon.co.uk