Steam Cleaning Your Home 

If your are in a position where many of the usual cleaning products are not good for you either due to skin allergies or other reasons such as breathing problems etc , or if you are simply looking for a cleaner, greener , more environmentally friendly way of cleaning you r home - then do consider Steam Cleaning.

At the outset purchasing a steam cleaner is more expensive than buying a bottle of bleach for example. However if you count up how many bottles of various cleaning products- for your kitchen, your bathroom etc actually cost over the course of say a year you have probably more than paid for the cost of an average Steam cleaner. 

Steam cleaning is also in my opinion very effective, killing germs, getting rid of visible and invisible dirt and grime and leaving surfaces beautifully clean. All without that horrible chemical smell or any harm to your children, your pets, yourself  or the environment. You are just using the power of steam. 


There are steam cleaners to do work of cleaning the bath, kitchen worktops, toilets, sinks, pets bowls and bedding areas, tiling and flooring. You can also use some steam cleaners for steaming clothes to freshen them up, freshen rugs and curtains.  

Some steam cleaners are very light and small enough to be hand held and very useful for those everyday jobs in the kitchen and bathroom and for steaming jackets and other clothes. Others are bigger and can do more heavyweight jobs around the home-cleaning carpets for example. It all depends on what you want your steam cleaner to do for you. 

Instead of just masking bad smells steam cleaning can help to eliminate them. Don't just spray on a false scent on top of your home , you can steam clean and make you r home properly clean and fresh.

Have a look at the selection below - these are just some of the steam cleaners available. We have used a steam cleaner for quite a while now and are very happy with the results.