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When I was diagnosed with my allergies I was told what I had to avoid but not really what products I CAN use.

I had to totally review my skin and haircare routine so I was looking for sensitive shampoo & conditioner, sensitive soap,  moisturiser, cleanser, and make up as the basics. Once the basics are found i can look into other products.

I do have prescription emollients for the areas of my skin that were badly affected by the allergies.

I contacted manufacturers of products I was interested in or that had been advertised as possibly suitable for sensitive skin. Here I will list the companies which I felt were the most suitable for my skin, highlighting the main features I found. 

Do feel free to use this as a guide but I would advise that you also check the individual websites and products or contact them yourself to check on your particular condition or allergy. 

Also with leave on products-like moisturisers, make up always do a patch test first  everyday for about a week before widespread use of any product. 


To find products for yourself please click on the links under each brand that will lead you to the page displaying products or use the search facility provided at the end of the page where you will be able to access anything you specify. 

Green People

Website lists all products

All products have a full ingredient listing

Fragrance free products -which are essential for me

No animal testing or animal ingredients so a good solid ethical range. 

Free delivery with UK orders over £50 - so it is worth buying in bulk once you know you like this range

So far I have tried and liked the Neutral Shampoo and conditioner and the Neutral Cleanser. The Shampoo and conditioner leave my hair clean , very soft and shiny and healthy looking. The shampoo is for frequent use so I am happy to use as often as i like. If any shampoo or conditioner gets on to my sore skin I do not have to worry as it has no effect upon it.I no longer have an itchy scalp.

The cleanser I use on my face and it is creamy and rich enough to melt any make up and generally clean my skin but does not feel harsh or leave my skin tight afterwards In fact it just feels clean, fresh and clear. 

I have also just tried the lipsticks. So far there are 3 colours of lipstick and I do really like them all. The trick is that you can use each one alone and mix them to make new shades! They do have a slightly minty taste to them but I actually like that. My lips are moisturised and feel lovely with this lipstick on.  I have yet to try the other make up but I will. 

All in all I would highly recommend this range. Due to my allergies i can only use the Neutral range as it has no fragrance in it and make up with no fragrance but the products are proving excellent for me and the whole range looks good.

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Bare Minerals

Website lists all products

All products have a full ingredient listing

Fragrance free products -which are essential for me

So far I have tried the make up- foundations, eyeshadows, blusher, lipstick, mineral veil. I have been very impressed with all the make up in this range and really enjoyed using it. I have not felt tht due to my sensitive skin i am missing out at all on lovely make up. It feels gorgeous on the skin, looks lovely and also feels clean to the skin. 

I would definetly recommend that you look into if this range of make up would suit your skin too. 


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Beauty Without Cruelty

Website lists all products

All products have a full ingredient listing

Fragrance free products -which are essential for me

An ethical brand as the name suggests. No animal testing or animal ingredients.  I have used a selection if the make up and I do like it. I ifnd the creamy concealer very good for dark circles and any blemishes. The Lipsticks are nice colours with no scent and there is a good selection of colours to choose from. 

If you want a good range of make up that will be less likely to upset your skin and carries a huge ethical tick then it would be worth looking into this one.  

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A range that is used for face and body moisturising and has a couple of formulations mainly oatmeal and shea butter both of which are renown for healing the skin.

I could not find a full ingredient list on their website so contacted them directly. I needed to ask which products i was interested in and they then sent me a full list of ingredients. In this range i can use most of it but not all as some is fragranced. It gives me a good body moisturiser for the non affected parts of my skin which is my preferred choice in this range. 

A range well worth looking into if you have sensitive or allergic skin but do check ingredients with the manufacturer before you try it. 


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Pure Coconut Oil

This has to be the total pure unrefined coconut oil with nothing else in it but coconut oil. It comes in a jar and is solid when cold. You need to warm it up a little to scoop out what you need then return it to the fridge.  Take what you need and warm up further in a bowl.

This amazing oil can then be used as a body moisteriser, a shaving oil, and a face moisturiser. It has a pleasant scent of natural coconut , Suberb on dry skin or areas like the elbows , knees and feet but also good on the delicate face area. Yes it is oily so you need to wait to get dressed or put any make up on until it has sunk in a bit but it is worth it! 

It is the only scent i can really have on my skin so is lovely for me to be able to smell nice if I go out or just everyday.  

I hightly recommend trying this - but please remember to patch test first for at aleast a week. 

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