Skin Care For Sensitive, Allergic Or Dry Skin


Skin care is where it all begins really.

If your skin is sensitive you know how important it is to find the correct skincare. If your  skin is often dry or mature or allergic you need good skincare.

If you have clean, healthy well protected skin you will look and feel a lot better whatever the issues you are dealing with. It is so very important to use products that clean and care for your skin with out making it sore, irritated or breaking out. S kin care for dry skin is available and you need to ensure it is gentle.

Especially if you have allergies you will also want to ensure that you have a full ingredient listing or at least to know that it does not contain whatever you are allergic to, so that you can check to make sure they are safe for you to use.    

I have struggled to find skincare I can use safely.

It is frankly scary to me now the ingredients used in many ranges. With my allergies and sensitivity I have to be so careful. I mean no one wants massive break outs of red, scaly itchy and irritated skin on their face so I researched this carefully.

Sensitive skin is also often dry skin and you need good and gentle cleansers and moisturisers to provide skincare for dry skin.  

I only use non scented products but If you are not allergic to perfume you may be able to use the scented versions as well. 


Within those ranges I can use I have highlighted a sample of what is available.

To find more products for you self you can either click though any product and continue your search from there or use the search facility provided where you will be able to access anything you specify.  If you are looking for  skin care for dry skin, skincare for mature skin or skincare for sensitive skin this is a good place to start.


 I love the Green people cleansers for my skin on my face. It has a lovely creamy texture that is effective at removing make up and leaves skin feeling cleansed, fresh and not at all dry. If you have dry sensitive skin this may be a good choice. The moisturisers I use are non scented and are good for my dry skin keeping it hydrated.

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The Green People Moisturisers 

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Coconut Oil  

We find coconut oil very good for moisturising the body especially on very dry areas like the feet or knees. However it is by its very nature oily so you need to wait a while before you get dressed afterwards. If you want skincare for dry skin coconut oil would be a good one to consider. 

 It was a big surprise to us but it really does make a very good shaving lotion even for the tough beard my husband has and is great for legs too ! It leaves even dry skin very moisturised and so is a great solution of you are searching for skincare for dry or mature skin.

 Coconut oil is also great as a massage oil for me as I do not react to it at all. I find it is important to get the organic and pure versions. Others may have other chemicals or perfume added so do check what your dry sensitive skin can tolerate. Of course always do a patch test as with anything.   

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Aveeno Moisturisers   

I find Aveeno moisturiser particularly good for moisturising the body. It keeps the skin nice and moist without being greasy or coming off on clothes. The ones I use have no scent.  

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