Haircare Products For Sensitive Skin


It is very important if you have sensitive or allergic skin that you take heed of which haircare you use. So your shampoo and conditioner and any styling products must also be suitable for your sensitive skin.  

If you think about it every time you wash your hair some of the shampoo and conditioner washes across your face, neck and i in the shower or bath , the rest of your body so please do take this in to account when reviewing your skincare. 

Here are some products that I have found to be very useful with my sensitive skin.  The ones I use are  all scent free and do work very well. However I have included fragrance items for if you are Ok with fragrances.  As usual do check the ingredients for your skin safety. 

Within those ranges I can use I have highlighted a sample of what is available.

To find more products for you self you can either click though any product and continue your search from there or use the search facility provided where you will be able to access anything you specify.  

The Green People Haircare 

The Green People Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the few haircare ranges I can use. It is gentle, very effective,  and feels so good on my hair. 

Neither my scalp or my skin is irritated in any way and it is so easy to use. I can use it frequently without any bad effects. 

The neutral range which I use is scent free as well which is ideal if you are sensitive to perfumes.  If you are not allergic or sensitive to perfume you can use their fragrance range too.

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