Make Up For Sensitive Skin  

When you have sensitive skin you still want to look nice and if you wear make up or want to wear make up it can be a nightmare finding products you can use.

It is vital that you check each product to see if they are safe for you to use. These are the ranges I have found to be suitable for me but you need to check for you.  I do best with scent free and as pure as possible.  

Within these ranges there are a lot of make up choices so I have included a sample of what is available.

You can either click though any product and continue your search from there or use the search facility provided at the end of the page where you will be able to access anything you specify. 

Bare Minerals 

I am  really enjoying using Bare Minerals. They do such a wide range of make up and in such lovely colours and shades. There really must be something to suit everyone.

I love the foundations are they are so silky smooth, work well and I really do not feel like I am wearing foundation at all!

It took a little getting used to the swirl, tap, buff approach but really not long at all and it is so economical. The key is to use only a little of the loose foundation - much less than you think- then to swirl the brush around in the lid of the pot, then tap off the excess then gently swirl around your cheeks, chin, temples etc until you have covered the face. If you want more coverage Do not apply more foundation rather continue swirling the brush over your face until you have the required coverage.  It is worth getting a full complexion kit so you can try it all out and with the Bare Minerals brushes which I do feel are essential. There are a very wide range of complexion shades available.

There are beautiful lip and eye shades too for every occasion and from subtle daywear, natural to full glamour. I especially like that in the eye range you can use some wet or dry which gives a very different look form the same eye colour palette. 

It is kind to your skin and some have an sfp factor as well which is safe for  me to use so that is a bonus getting sun protection in a foundation! really I love this make up range :)


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Beauty Without Cruelty Make Up 

If you are searching for a highly ethical range with a lovely make up range, then Beauty Without cruelty should be a great choice. 

 I must add that this company were wonderful with me when I was writing around to companies for product advice.

 This range is great for my skin. I do have the eye pencils which are nice natural colours for me. The lip products i like as well very much and there is a good range of colours. There are a wide range of beautiful colours in the eye make up as well.  Gradually building up my stock of this line. 

It is also just so good to know that you are not harming any animals and never have with these products. 

 Beauty Without Cruelty Lips

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Green People Make Up 

I adore this range. I love the skincare and haircare and now trying out the make up and i am liking it very much. 

The lipsticks are very creamy and lovely especially if you get dry lips. Do keep them somewhere cool though as in my experience they tend to melt a bit if left in the sun or on a radiator! Easily resolved by putting them in the fridge or just keeping away from heat sources though.

Although it is a limited range of colours in the lipsticks they are all simply beautiful very useable colours and if you are a little creative you can mix together the 3 colours in different combinations and have more colours!

It is wonderful to know -especially if you have sensitive or allergic skin -that you can check out every ingredient on their listings. A lovely range.    

Green People Lips 

Green People Powder and Blush  

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