Deodorants For Sensitive Skin

I can't tell you how long i had to go with out using a deodorant due to my sensitive skin!  It is a delicate area of the body anyway without having any further sensitivity so I had to be careful in my choices. Anyway i eventually found some I CAN use safely that do not irritate or bring me out in a rash.  

I still do find that for me at least it is not wise to put on deodorant very soon after shaving the underarm area - I tend to leave it a few hours or overnight. I am Very sensitive though so you may not have that need. Get to know your own skin. 

I have only included a sample of what is available here.

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Crystal Deodorant

I am currently using Crystal and it works very well, does not leave any residue, no body odour, no harsh chemicals, no parabens  and no scent and best of all does not irritate my skin. This will not stop you from the body's natural process of sweating but will stop you from smelling ! I use the roll on and you do need to wait a little while for it to dry but its not a problem.

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Green People Deodorant

The Green People Deodorants are free from any harsh chemicals and have a full listing of ingredients on the website and the Neutral range is scent free as well, which can be useful if like me you are allergic to perfumes or if you like to wear perfume but do not want your deodorant competing with your fragrance  A good choice for the delicate underarm area. 


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