Contacting Companies 

If you have sensitive or allergic skin or any other skin condition it may well be necessary for you to know a full product ingredient list or at the least to know that the ingredients you are allergic to are NOT in the product.

In my experience you need to check both the range in general and specific products you want to use within the range as some may be OK and others not - within the same range. 

I found it easiest to email each company I was interested in  and I got a good helpful response with so far only one company not responding to me. 

My opinion is that if they don't respond then i will not be using their products! 

The letter below is a draft of the one i used and you can feel free to use it too if you like or as a template for what you need to ask.  Adapt to your own voice and needs. 


Sample e mail Letter 

Dear _                                                                                                                             Date

I wonder if you can help me please? I have recently had dermatological hospital skin patch testing for allergies and am needing to review all my skincare. 

I am considering your products to see if I would be able to use any of them. 

I have been medically advised to contact the manufacturer to ascertain if the products do or do not contain the ingredients I am allergic to and this which may be safe for me to use. 

I am allergic to and must avoid anything with these ingredients in it:-

(List the ingredients you are allergic to and/or the condition you have) 

I I do appreciate any help you can give me on this matter.

Thank you

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