Be Wise About Product Labels 

 Product Labels

If you have skin allergies of any kind you will rapidly become an avid label reader!

However reading labels carefully does not mean this will fully protect you.

For example if you have  perfume allergy you will need to be extra careful. 

Words you will need to watch for are fragrance, EDT, parfam, perfume. So that seems obvious doesn't it?

However relying on the words fragrance free, non perfumed, and the like does not always mean there is no added fragrance to the product. 

Sometimes fragrances are added to products not to make them smell nice but to mask the unpleasant smell of the other ingredients, the amounts may be small but if you are allergic it can cause you a problem. Other times a fragrance may be added for its use as a preservative not as a perfume yet it is still an issue to those who are allergic. 

If you are allergic to fragrances it may also be wise for you to be careful or to avoid  products with the following ingredients as well-acetone, camphor, musk, essential oils, benzyl alcohol, benzyl acetate, benzyl salicylate, anisyl alchohol, amylcinnamic alcohol. Ask your doctor or dermatologist for guidance.

If you are allergic to any specific ingredient or chemical also do make sure you know all its other names. If you have been Skin patch allergy tested your dermatologist should give you a list of what you need to avoid with all its other chemical names as well.

In my experience-unless there is a full list of ALL the ingredients listed- I need to ask the manufacturer for ingredients and to specify what i am allergic to. I must have written to more than 30 companies so far to check their ranges and specific products within the ranges to check if they might be suitable for me.

Here is a sample letter I have used to write to manufacturers directly