Radiation Dermatitis

Radiation Dermatitis Skin Care

One of the most common radiation therapy side effects is a skin condition known as radiation dermatitis or radiation burns. As the concentrated x-rays pass through the skin it causes tissue damage and inflamed skin resulting in severe pains, burns, and irritation of the skin and underlying tissue.

The irritated tissue generates a lot of heat that causes discomfort to the patient that stretches the body’s natural defenses slowing down the healing process.

Approximately 95% of patients who receive radiation therapy treatments develop radiation dermatitis. Its symptoms include redness, itching, peeling, pigmentation changes, blistering, soreness and development of ulcers.

The common treatments used for the management of radiation dermatitis are skin lotions, creams, gels and over-the-counter painkiller. These solutions have proven largely ineffective in the long-term management of the pain, inflammation, and discomfort caused by this condition.

Studies have shown that the temperatures of the radiation-treated tissue rise by 4 to 8.5 degrees after each treatment session. The most effective technique in preventing healthy tissues from damage and neutralizing the resultant pain is the rapid removal of this heat from the body.In its composition,

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