Skin Care For Sensitive Skin is your escape from stress!


If you do not feel comfortable in your own skin it can have a big impact on your life.

In addition to good medical care and attention, the right personal care and household products for you can make a huge difference. 


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About Sensitive Skin and Us

I s your skin sensitive, sore, breaking out, dry, itchy - allergic to something or just not comfortable? 

Are you reactive to some of the usual skincare ranges on the shops or specific ingredients?

Allergic Skin conditions can be irritated, blistered, itchy or even painful. It can make us feel a bit lost, isolated or even embarrassed. 

I know what that feels like. I have made this website as I have gained skin allergies and researched skincare for my own skin. 

In addition many of these products can be helpful when looking for skincare for dry skin and skincare for mature skin as it requires gentle products as well.  

I would like to pass on what I have learned to anyone dealing with allergic skin reactions or sensitive skin. 

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 I am not a healthcare or skincare professional . I am learning to cope with allergic, sensitive skin and have done extensive research to find suitable products.

  The material in  website Skin Care For Sensitive Skin  is intended for information purposes. It contains personal opinions that are not intended as medical advice.  

The information contained in this website is no substitute for medical diagnosis and guidance.  Consult a physician in all matters relating to health.. . Never disregard medical advice, or delay or change treatment because of something you have read here

Your doctor is in charge of diagnosing, prescribing medications, and all other medical issues. Your health is your responsibility. 

Please read the  full disclaimer.


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